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Zesty Orange Nebula Gamecube Buttons (ABXY, Z, D-pad, and Start)

$29.99 $35.00

**Controller Not Included**

MADE TO ORDER: Zesty orange button set using a bright orange pigment with a dash of sparkles to resemble stars!

Made using the highest quality materials and methods. Extreme clarity is achieved in these buttons by casting them under pressure to eliminate any microbubbles.

You will receive a total of 7 buttons (ABXY, Z, D-pad, and Start).

If you want a custom shade or color for your buttons, shoot me a message and let me know! All colors are possible and they can be specified to each button! :)

(Note: For the Z button, use tweezers to remove the metal clip from your OEM Z-button and insert it to the new one.)

If you have any issues with any buttons, I will provide a replacement free of cost. Just send me a message and I’ll get you all fixed up.